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  • Film on glass shower doors

  • Spotted dishes

  • Soap does not lather

  • Dull hair

  • Dingy, scratchy clothes

  • Film in bathtub

Hard water causes calcium build up in your pipes. Once the pipes are affected the water is too. Hard water affects your body and your clothes, leaving behind soap scum that becomes a nuisance to remove.

Removing contaminants from your water, with a water softener system, ensures healthy water throughout your home for you and your family.  

Clean, clear water

Remove soap scum with soft water

Have a water softener installed today.


How do I know if I have hard water?

Provide your family with clean and clear water with an energy efficient system that is built to last. Slate Mechanical Inc's water softeners come in a variety of sizes and performance options, so you can get a softener suited specifically for your home.

Select the right water softener for your home

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